Home stretch

The first two songs only need slight polishing, but I would like to consider them completed. Song three and four need more time spent on them, whereas song five is sounding clean. It definitely has issues. Those issues won’t take long to fix. My sixth song has a melody and harmony programmed. I keep thinking song six has a lot of work needed. There’s only formatting the ideas and generating extra instruments which are quick to do. The background art is almost complete, there are a few items missing. The majority are all in place. Shortly after Christmas break starts, I expect to have the background art finalized. Over the break, I may write the story to the game as a personal experience. I haven’t written what’s on my mind for a while. I wish to use my project as a future reference and to also continue this route I’ve chosen.

Looking back to my first blog, the first day of Propel, the first of everything packaged in this program. It all baffles me. I never would have thought of doing so much in such little time or achieving any set goals. Through all the stress, I remain impressed with myself. The time spent on project work and interesting things, memories made. I expect to have only the smallest dust particles laying around after the holidays.

Below are links to the Propel website. The first is my legacy artefact and the second being this semester’s projects.



My Timeline

This is my Gantt chart.

It has 11 milestones, which is what is located on the left side. Story creation is that first milestone. The bunch of numbers to the right is the backbone on how the chart functions. Inputting a number there changes the value of the actual chart on the right. The dark purple numbers are the percentage completed of each milestone. The coloured blocks show the progress, and when each milestone starts and ends. Above them are the days of the month and the day of project work which is in red. The stripes in the blocks display what has not yet been accomplished.

Looking at my timeline, I am 3 days behind, and using this chart is a daily reminder I am not on track. So, what am I behind on? Looking back to the milestones, song three’s respective block is not the dark purple colour of completion. I have yet to receive additional feedback on my third song, which is why the milestone is incomplete. I will be spending the majority of this week on song four to keep my project flowing.

In the following weeks, I plan on having the background art being close to done, and finalized before the winter break, while also continuing the progress on music. Next week I want the third song ready for mixing and mastering which will be happening in January. I am in need of extra project time, so working over the weekend to take a big step into song development is necessary.

Once more

Looking back once again, a lot has changed since my last blog. In the video, I wanted to have short sound effects in between the songs, which got scrapped, as there was no real point in having those included if I’m making an audio soundtrack. My songs have to be ordered in two ways; into an album format for logical flow, and to also tell my story so the story actually makes sense. If I were to switch the order of songs the story would be completely messed up, or not even sound like a story. Each song that will be in the video will have a different emotion attached to it.

The majority of my project time is going to be spent on making the background art because I’ve never used any sort of program to draw a picture. I have drawn before, but painting on a computer seems to be a difficult task. The making of the songs is also a long process, I have many small things I have to add, like effects, but will not add them in as soon as I can, so I can dust off the main things like melody and song structure. I won’t spend a large amount of time doing so, because dusting doesn’t take long. Everything else might be messy, but the cleaning process would only be starting.

For the coming weeks I’ll be planning out how each song will sound and dynamics in the songs for certain effects. Following a short script, I’ll write the songs, so they have sounds that make it seem as if someone had fallen down or have an effect that transitions into a different sounding section of the song. I could have the first part sound happy, then add the effect I want transition into the second part. Then, I can program to be completely different and have something from the first section come into the second part and make a third section. There are musical notes playing in my head after writing that.

Looking Back and Ahead

During my Proof of Concept I picked up GarageBand quickly. I was surprised how fast I learned what other would consider ‘basics’. Impressed with myself, I didn’t spend that time well, fixing up little things like the timing of a certain note instead of trying to write a melody. I also recorded my guitar and bass last second. I’ve realized this was a problem in the making, so I will utilize my task board more often. I’ve learned a lot of shortcuts that I use often, along with commands that save time so I can create faster.

For my project I am making a video game soundtrack. I’m making a storyline, but I want to let the music to tell the story instead of words. I will make a YouTube video with a background image that relates to the story and have my music playing. If I have extra time I could make more than one picture, or add shorter songs. The YouTube video will have 15 minutes of songs without repeating anything, but could easily be longer than what I expect.

First day

When I walked into the classroom, the first thing I looked at was the room. I noticed how empty it looked. Chairs were still stacked, desks were pushed against the wall, doors weren’t even on their hinge, being stored in another room. The room wasn’t very active, as I pictured my new classroom to look similar to when I had gone for the open house earlier that year. Other students stood in a small circle, not many, but more were to come. I went up to them, and they spread out to give me some space to join them.

Everyone introduced themselves to each other, even though I would only remember at least one name from that. I walked away from them to look in and out of rooms trying to pass time. More students came in later, chatting, exploring, doing whatever. Mr. Patrician later arrived, telling us we could sit in the chairs. One by one, we all grabbed chairs. That’s when everyone split up. After taking a chair, they formed their own little groups. I decided to sit near a window. When almost every student sat down, we had all made a big circle. Mr. Patrician and Mr. Hansen After discussing what will happen throughout the year and some more introductions, Mr. Hansen learned names scarily fast,

Our class was taught a very large amount of lessons within the first two weeks. At the time of writing this, it’s been 3 weeks since that first day. I feel comfortable inside the classroom. I’m already looking forward to whatever happens during this program. Even if nothing interesting comes up, I still have my project to work on.